I'm Proud to Have Mastered The Real Estate Negotiation Expert

Professional negotiation skills are a must for all real estate agents helping home buyers and sellers, especially in the current market.

I have been awarded the Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE®) designation by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI).  The RENE® is earned by real estate professionals after successfully completing formal negotiation training from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute.  Agents who receive this certification are in the top 1% of all agents nationally.

With professional negotiation skills, agents are able to help clients obtain better results in the sale of their home.  RENE® agents have a powerful competitive edge because of their ability to

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute is the leading negotiation training and coaching company in the real estate industry.  Any Seller who hires a CNE® agent can feel confident they have one of the best trained negotiators in real estate.  They should achieve superior results and have better resolution of all issues when represented by a RENE® agent.

By obtaining the RENE Designation, I have mastered ...

Now that I have achieved this advanced education, it's an advantage I am proud have to better serve my clients.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, you need a professional with all of the tools in their arsenal.  Please give me a call.  I've mastered the art of your home buying and selling experience to get you the most value.

Gillian Mashni
Real Estate Negotiation Expert
(734) 718-4049